Monday, December 19, 2011

Birthday Weekend and Stuff


So, I did not run 44km on Saturday.  I did have a wonderful run though.  I woke up extra early (at 4:00) but did not get started quite as early as I would have liked (4:52 or so), (but it was plenty of time to get in 19.56 miles at 8:53 pace).

I did not get lost.  I stayed mainly to trails I did last week, including successfully not taking the wrong turn which sent me out of my way.  I'm becoming more and more familiar each time I go.

My feet were happy in their slightly trail and road worn shoes:

Then took Thomas to bowling afterward, it was their Christmas party so no league bowling, just for fun, and parents could join, and it was "9 pin no tap", so if you got a 9 on the first ball it counted as a strike.

In the afternoon, went out to Barnes + Noble so kids could use up some gift cards.

Early in the evening, took a drive through Starkey Park where they have Christmas lights and displays, Jenny, the boys, Sammy, and I enjoyed the scene (I should have taken a lot more pictures!) - only $2 admission.

Starkey Park Christmas

Christmas party at Chris and Elizabeth's house was a lot of fun with plenty of friends and some great live Christmas music from these two wonderful singers.

Slept in a little on Sunday as Jenny was quiet as a mouse waking up and getting ready for her run.  Opened up my first gift.  Jenny said to be sure and open it first thing in the morning - a gift card to Ihop.  But, before I opened the card with the gift card, I saw this note which really made my day:

Took the boys to Ihop for breakfast with the gift card.

In the afternoon, a quick trip to Costco to restock the stuff we usually get from there and just for fun.

Followed by another run, ending at Jenny's gym, where Elizabeth was training and Chris was hanging out there. (A total of 7.12 miles at 8:20 pace) Finished up running and did a few sets of weights.

Then to Tijuana Flats for a beer.

Opened birthday gift from Jenny, a new pair of Brooks Launch, my most successful marathon shoes so far, thanks Jenny! 

Dinner at Carabba's with the parents.  All year long I kind of think of restaurants that would be fun to go to if I could pick anything.  But, when the time comes to pick I draw a blank so end up going to the same places.  But, I won't complain because I haven't regretted going there yet.  Also, Scott, Tracy and the Suncoast running store staff were there and they bought me a glass of wine for my birthday!

And of course, in the age of Facebook, tons of birthday wishes from old friends and new friends, thank you all.


  1. 9 pin no tap sounds like my kind of bowling. I might even be able to break 100 with that style!

  2. Never heard of 9 pin tap... Glad you had a great birthday!

  3. Sounds like a great birthday! :)
    I'm with Danielle. 9 pin no tap sounds right up my alley. lol.

  4. Lol on the 9 pin, it was fun!

    Thanks everyone!