Friday, May 18, 2012

To the Keys!!

Tomorrow morning at this time I'll be at the starting line, getting ready to run 50 miles from Marathon Key to Key West at the


Here's my stuff laid out as I'm packing:

The plan for now is that this will be my last ultra for a little while since I'm going to try and concentrate on running a half marathon in under 1:25 so that I can run NYC marathon with my brother in 2013.

During spring break for the kids (beginning of April), we went on a road trip with the destination of staying in Miami for one night in a high rise hotel downtown (which surprisingly had some very good rates).  As we were a bit early to check into the hotel we thought we'd take a quick side trip down to Key Largo (about an hour out of the way)

 where we stopped at a park, walked on a mangrove boardwalk and splashed in the water a bit

Before heading to Miami and the hotel

Before that, I was last there (in Key Largo), sometime around 7th or 8th grade.  We stayed at a campground there in a pop-up trailer.  One day we drove out to Islamorada where I went fishing with my brother on a deep sea fishing party boat (I used my paper route money to pay for it).  We caught some snapper and other small fish, but I also hooked several times some big grouper, but they always swam into the rocks and I ended up losing them.

So, now, I get to go the rest of the way, all the way to Key West.  And what better way than to get there by foot.

It would be fun to come back with the family someday.


  1. I'm not a huge fan of Florida (I hate the heat and I have spent plenty of time there for field work), but the Keys are one place I feel like I should return to Florida to visit. That will be fun to run across them!

  2. Danielle, this was only my third time there, and was my first time go all the way to Key West. I definitely want to go back again!

  3. So how did the race go?

    Looks like y'all had fun during spring break. Awesome!

  4. Race was good and of course the course itself was beautiful. I finally put up my race report (part of the reason why I did this post, to make sure I wouldn't forget to do a blog entry for the race!)