Monday, November 7, 2011



Lots of stuff went on between Thursday night and this morning.  I could never do justice to everything that happened but at least if I put down a few notes it will be enough to help remember some of the details in between.  After all, it's sometimes more important about all the little stuff in between.

Friday - 
  • Morning - up early, saw Jenny off on her trip, thought about scratching my run due to rain, then went out for a short and fast run. I ended up doing an impromptu 5K in just under 20 minutes, with the last .11 kind of jogged.  I was kind of spent afterward so I didn't do any weights at home like I sometimes do on Fridays.
  • Later morning - saw the kids off to school and headed to work
  • Afternoon - left work to go pick up Thomas, got home just in time as Andy was coming home
  • We headed back to work, I did some work, then we had dinner at Wendy's.   There was a hearing impaired couple in front of us and due to miscommunications between them and the worker it took about 20 minutes before we could order.  The husband and wife both had special orders and the workers kept on messing it up.  The husband was getting angry, the wife was getting frustrated, and the worker at the counter was getting scared and exasperated.  I could see the couple angrily signing towards each other.  I thought the whole place was just going to explode.  Finally it was over and we were next.  Andy forgot to mention no mayonnaise on his burger, so when he got it he just wiped it off with a napkin, he did not want to say anything after what we just saw.
  • Headed back home to hang out for a bit.  Ran out to Target because I wanted an armband so I could run with my iPhone.  I wanted to make sure I didn't miss any race updates.  
  • I felt really wiped for a bit and just kind of collapsed on the floor.  Then I got a second wind and joined the boys upstairs for video games.  I was finally starting to understand Andy's new game Portal which he got for his birthday.  It is a maze/problem solving game.
  • There was a message from my mom on the answering machine so I called her back, she said she had some "news"
  • She had been to the dermatologist, needed a biopsy and was hoping to have everything all cleared up by today but things were a little more complicated than that and still had some more to go through.  Hopefully it will all turn out ok.  She had gone there on sort of a spur of the moment since she doesn't usually go, but my dad does.  I'm glad that she went.
  • I had texted Jenny a few times throughout the day as she was driving to Savannah with her friends, busy with the driving, the race expo and then getting checked into the hotel room.  I wished I was with her.   She called in the evening and talked for a bit which was nice to hear her voice.  Wished her good luck once again.  From what I could see, her running has been feeling very flat since the 50K, along with work stress and the loss of Barbie, and much, much more.  Wasn't sure what was going to happen.  Would race day magic be on her side?  We are all stronger than we think we are and are capable of much more than we know.  I would have to wait until tomorrow to find out.
 Saturday - 

  • Woke up about 4:30, wanted to start running by 5:00, spent way too much time screwing around with the iPhone armband, before I gave up on it and just put my phone in the water belt pouch.
  • Headed out for the run, then texted Jenny about 5:45, didn't want to wake her but didn't want to miss her.  Here she is getting ready to start the race, the outfit captures her essence! -
  • I kept a nice, easy pace.  I saw a few runners I knew and was also looking out for my friend Raj who was a possibility to run with (but it turns out he didn't run).
  • I stopped by "Craig and Diane's lemonade stand"  I was just in time before it closed.  I had missed Diane, but Craig was still there about to leave for his bike ride.  They put out stuff every Saturday for the runners who want to stop by, so nice of them!
  • I made it into the park just a little bit after it opened and then headed to an off road trail loop course, doing about three miles.  I did not get lost.  The off road felt great but I had to slow down quite a bit since it was so dark and I didn't want to go screaming through the trails, and then either fall down or get lost, I couldn't afford to do either one.
  • Got back on the road and headed home as it was getting light.  My pace picked up but I was able to keep it feeling light and easy.  With a few miles left, started to receive text updates from Jenny's race.  She was on her way!
  • Home in time, took the kids to bowling.  Glued to my phone, waiting on updates.  She kept on nailing her splits.  She was hanging with the 3:40 pace group.  I was so happy that she was going for it.
  • Stopped by Walmart to return something and pick up a few things and Andy found a new game to buy with his own money.   Finally, Jenny's final time came in - 3:48!
  • As the splits between 5K and 20 miles arrived, and she hit each one perfectly, I knew that I would have no idea on how things would turn out.  20 miles to 26.2 to a spectator just tracking numbers is a big black hole.  It's the critical part of the race, some people say it's the "real" race and the first 20 miles is a warm up.  I didn't now how she was feeling or holding up or what the conditions felt like.  Here's a picture a friend took in the finish chute -
  • So, the race was over, she had held down and stayed in the 3:40's.  It can be so discouraging to have to slow down, but can also feel good to know that you fought through it and did not give up.  So proud of her.  Couldn't wait to see how she felt.  After a while, exchanged a few texts for some updates, she had some troubling finding her friends but she did get to see Melinda and was able to see Elizabeth cross the finish line.
  • Took the boys to music lessons, and after the lessons were done I talked to Andy's teacher and asked about bass guitar lessons for me.  Felt kind of awkward asking but was glad I did.  Andy and his teacher are both excited about it because then we can work on the same songs, that would be really cool especially if I get to play in one of the monthly contests.  Jenny bought be the bass years ago for Christmas.  I was so excited to get it and tried to play it but couldn't get the hang of it and unfortunately did not persist through the feeling dumb stage, so I gave up and it sat collecting dust.  I've always wanted to get back to it "someday" which I am told is not actually a day of the week.
  • As I was leaving a got a text from Jenny and then the phone rang.   She had been trying to call me for half an hour but the phone reception for me in the music lesson place is terrible I get either one bar or "no service".  Talked to Jenny for a bit but I had a hard time hearing her and kept on having to ask her to repeat things.  I must have sounded like a terrible listener but I was glad she called and we were able to chat a bit.
  • Took the boys out to Brick Oven Pizza.
  • Worked on Tom's science fair project.  Finally was able to get a good seal using a grape juice bottle (64 oz), a sports ball needle, and a hot glue gun for cloud in a bottle: 
  •  Last week I was going to run with Sean on Sunday and do 16 miles, then decided to do my long run on Saturday so I could keep Sunday open.  The boys wanted to go to Universal for one last trip before the passes expire.  Planned to leave the house at 8:00.  Was going to run about 6 miles on Sunday morning from home and then decided I could run the trails at Starkey with Sean for some miles and still get back home in time to leave at 8:15.
  • Weeded the square foot gardens, trimmed the robelini palm (ouch!), and took down Halloween decorations.
  • Texted Jenny a few more times in the evening.
  • Just before going to bed noticed that it was time to change the clocks, grateful for the extra hour of sleep.
  • Up nice and early and arrived at Starkey park gates about 6:15, but they were not open yet.  Waited until almost 6:30 when they opened, Sean had pulled up behind me so we arrived at the parking lot together.
  • There was a possibility of one more person showing up so we waited just a few minutes then got going.
  • Sean was going to be doing a big run and I was just looking for about 6 miles.  Parts of the trail had been tilled so it was very loose and deep in those sections and a little bit slow going but not terrible since most of the trail was pretty nice.
  • We ran 4.5 miles together, then he pointed me towards the way back with some landmarks to look for.  It worked almost perfectly.  I made a wrong turn toward the very end and ended up with just over 7 miles.
  • Got home a little bit later than planned but the boys were all ready so we ended up hitting the road at 8:33 instead of the planned 8:15.
  • Stopped at McDonald's for a second breakfast, then onto Universal!!
  • The boys on the way into Universal
    I don't know how I managed it but I caught them both smiling while waiting in line for the Harry Potter ride.
    I'm trying to look like something is hanging over my head so to speak.  Didn't quite achieve the look I wanted, just look a little angry instead :(

  • We were pretty much done with what we wanted to do and the boys didn't want to get home late so we got going about 2:00
  • Stopped at the store on the way home.  Jenny had said she was good with eating at home, so I got some steaks and things.
  • Dinner was sirloin, asparagus, grilled portabellos, and roasted potatoes and salad.
  • Nice way to end the weekend, sitting down for a nice dinner and hearing more about Jenny's marathon in Savannah!
So,  what does it all mean?  Lots of little things and big things going on.  It went by so quickly, there was a lot to do and a lot to think about.  Definitely no time to be bored.  No big plans for me other than to enjoy the weekend doing things with family and friends.  Doing my best and hoping it's all worthwhile.  I guess it is what life is all about.


      1. Phew - you did have a busy weekend. I hope things are okay with your mom, give her my best. And how cool you are going to take music lessons!

      2. Thanks Amy. It was a packed and memorable weekend. I'm looking forward to the music lessons. I just watched a video for a song and the focused in on the guy playing bass. I used to pick up on that all the time but hadn't for a while. I'll tell my mom you said 'hi'.

      3. What a great weekend! I'm curious about the race tracking. Is that something the race provided with a chip or something or was Jenny actually texting you?

      4. Hey Clarinda, almost all big marathons as well as many medium sized ones have some sort of text alert tracking tied to the chips. Sometimes they are free and sometimes one or two dollars. They come in handy when you want updates but are on the go that day or if you are trying to spectate at the race and are figuring out what spot to get to next!

      5. Ingenius! I'll have to check to see if my marathon in June offers this.