Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Monday/Tuesday Runs

We've been going between cool, almost cold and then back to warm and humid. The humidity in the air made me think of science fair project and clouds - although those were clouds in a bottle like this -


6.65 miles, 55:04, 8:16 pace

Ran by myself this morning.  I made two attempts to get people to run with me.  Jenny says I should do a better job about getting people to run with.  It is sometimes nice to run by yourself to enjoy the solitude.  I wasn't entirely motivated to run this morning but was glad once I was outside with the almost full moon and stars which would soon fade and be replaced with a clear morning sky.

I ran out and back to Trinity Blvd and then continued on the grass next to the shoulder.  I realized on Friday that this was actually a great place to run because it is kind of like running on a trail.  It varies between flat and grassy, to gravelly, sometimes very flat and sometimes uneven.  The trails in Starkey Park are very nice but it doesn't open til 6:30 so I can't always get there, just on the weekends if scheduling permits.

After my run I did some of the usual post run stretching/mobility exercises along with some push-ups, weighted pull-ups, presses, curls, and walking up and down the stairs 5 times carrying the 25 lb dumbbells.  Oh, and then some step ups on and off the bed.  That is all.


6.02 mi 00:58 09:40 pace
Nice relaxed run with Chris H. in the neighborhood using the classic t-route. Humid out but it actually felt kind of nice. Made the morning extra dewy, kind of misty out.

We had a slight chance of Lisa joining us.  Jenny is thinking of running tomorrow and Friday since she'll be up early anyway.  Hope she has some good runs this week.  We haven't had very many for a while although her Sunday runs usually turn out well - except for the one a week before her marathon.

It was a good opportunity to slow things down today.  My easy run paces have been getting faster but that can be kind of dangerous and sometimes meaningless.  I'm happy that my runs have been feeling good.  I've been keeping the pressure off of myself.  But eventually I need to do some races to see where I'm at.
Going to go a bit longer tomorrow and try to get in some good miles for the  week.

This morning's run didn't look like this but somewhere on the inside it felt like this and I think that's what counts more, right?

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  1. Glad your runs are going well - you guys have always been so disciplined about getting up and getting your runs in early, I admire that!