Tuesday, January 31, 2012

25 Miles - Last Big run before Big Race

Saturday - 25 mi, 03:36 08:39 pace
Eudair was nice enough to run the whole thing with me today, she is amazing (she had been out due to injury and has only recently been back running so I was surprised she was up for 25 miles, but not too surprised). Started out with a group from Longleaf, but we fell back a bit to keep the pace easy. Ran into Starkey and then along the power line road to Serenova tract. 

Saw one deer and then later saw two more - no longer living ones. Turns out there was a hunt going on which we found out on our way back (would have been nice if signs were posted). Picked it up the last couple of miles. Melanie from the Striders was nice enough to give us a lift back to Longleaf. 

The weather was great, it was wonderful having someone to run the whole way and it couldn't have gone better (except for the part about running while a deer hunt was going on).

This was my last big run before the big race (although there is 18 miles next week, pretty big but less than 20).  I need to concentrate on getting some spring back in my step and feeling completely fresh.  Also, I think I'm going to get a new pair of Asics Nimbus.  My old pair is somewhat worn out so I decided to try this long run in the Ghosts. I like those shoes but they didn't feel quite as good as the Nimbus for the extra distance.  I had pretty good luck with the Brooks Launch at the 50K but the bottom of  my feet were hurting and could probably use the extra cushioning that the Asics have.

When I started the training for this 100K race it seemed fairly easy in some ways, but the training is starting to catch up to me a little bit now, so good time for a taper.

Jenny is attending a  Newton training class this weekend.  This is the class to learn how to teach the class that she took over this past summer.  Lots of good information about running form that can apply to Newton and non-Newton runners.

So, in the evening I took the boys out for dinner to Carrabas

Then, Sunday morning I decided to skip my run and make pancakes (from scratch - I used to be a boxed mix only kind of guy!)  for the boys and relax as the rest would do more good at this point than another day of running.

All in all, it was a pretty big weekend.


  1. Maybe you need to wear bright orange running clothes, that's scarey that a hunt was going on. I know you will do great at your race. You have trained really hard. Good luck.

  2. I agree - very scary to find out a deer hunt was going on while you were running - holy crap!
    Pancakes looked yummy!

  3. Well, good thing you didn't wear an antler hat!

  4. It's easy to see that you had a beautiful weekend with your boys! I'm curious about your race :) Please, let me read the race report!