Tuesday, October 18, 2011

First Entry


It's time to take one step forward. I've blogged at Fast Running Blog for over four years and have found wonderful support there, however things got a little bit stuck. Ruts happen, so sometimes you have to do one thing different, or maybe two or three, but you have to do at least one thing different! Run-run-run and nothing else. It's a recipe for disaster. It turns something healthy and good into something stale that can control you. Define your running, don't let your running define you. Define yourself, make yourself the person you want to be and love the ones close to you, enjoy life and value it.

Also, this is part of a book title I'm reading called Relentless Forward Progress, I thought about the title and how it applies to a lot of things, although I wasn't sure about "relentless" because sometimes you need to take one step back and look around to get to where you are going.

I'm going to be logging the basic stuff over at Daily Mile but wanted a place to write a little bit more about key runs and key thoughts and maybe an epiphany or two. It's also a lot easier to post pictures here and comments from everywhere are accepted and always appreciated.

Today's run with a little bit of background:

This morning I ran with Jenny, our first time running together, just us, since back in September on a Friday. She had just gotten back from work and it was just us, she picked up the pace a little faster than what we usually ran, and then a little bit faster. She was tough to keep up with as I had not been running fast for some time due to my injury. I felt so proud about how strong she had become vs. where we were when we would occasionally run together and our paces were farther apart. She's the one that got me into running because she believed that I could be a better runner. I believed in her and she became a better runner and we have often carried each other since then.

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