Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I Did Not Run Yesterday But I did Today

Monday morning I slept in (until just before 7:00).  I woke up and took Sammy for a walk.

I did some weights at home (with the dumbbells we have laying around the house). I did something like this:

  • 2 sets of shoulder presses 10x25lbs, super-setted with,
  • 2 sets of bicep curls
  • 3 sets by 25 "perfect" push-ups, with 1 set with my feet elevated, super-setted with:
  • 3 set by 5 pull-ups with 25lb dumbbell
  • 1 more set of pull-ups with 20 lb dumbbell
  • Walked up and down the stairs twice holding the two 25 lb dumbbells
  • 1 set of 10 reps, side raises with 20 lb dumbbells
In the evening I went to Jenny's boot camp.  I partnered up with a new guy which was fun to help him out a little bit since I was the "veteran".

For cardio, we did one of my favorites, which is 1 lap around the parking lot (about 1/4 mile) followed by 50 jump ropes, repeated 3 times.  Another guy at boot camp, Ralph, who has been going there since before Jenny took over is in awesome shape, but very low key.  He kicks my butt totally on the jumping rope.  I get ahead of him a little on the running but not enough.

Today, I woke up about two minutes before the alarm went off.  I ran with Jenny and two others.  It was the best run that I've had with Jenny since her 50K, it was good to see her in better spirits for running, she had been suffering from dead legs or something.

Last week, I think I ran a few more miles than planned, but that's ok.  That's part of the reason why I took off yesterday.  I might run on Sunday after doing a long run on Saturday, then take off on Monday.   I want to mix it up.

Last night I slept pretty good.  Since the end of September I started sleeping horribly more often than not and I started to relish the nights when I'd go to bed feeling tired and sleep through the night.  There were several stressful things going such as Chelsea (our oldest dog that we had for 17 years), a stressful deadline at work, as well as a general feeling that hit me that part of me has been asleep for a long time.  It was a wake up call and I hope I don't fall asleep again.

Anyway, as far as last night goes, I think the trick was to realize that sleep time is a time of rejuvenation, a time to let cares slip away and a time to heal.  It's a leap of faith but oh, so important.

Forward Progress Yet?

So, am I moving forward?  Not sure yet, however, whenever it has come to losing weight, gaining muscle, gaining endurance, remembering your dreams - all those things can be improved by writing down whatever it is you are trying to do by writing it down.


  1. I think the sleeping at night thing might be age - I get that a lot, too. We are on tram number 4, after all.

  2. Tram number 4, lol. I think some of it could be age, too. Despite running and staying in shape it doesn't fix everything. It came on kind of suddenly.