Friday, October 28, 2011

Sometimes You Just Need to Run

Barbie from about a year ago, she's doing this now but does not look as good, I'd rather remember her this way.

Barbie is not doing well, she is eating less and less and her legs are getting thin.  But she is still a sweet dog and interested in what is going on.  I tried to get her to eat a little before I left for work this morning and to try and sneak in a pain pill.  She wouldn't take the food.  She doesn't outwardly act like she is in pain, but dogs are not very good at complaining, they can't tell you where it hurts.  We are waiting now.

Today's Run

10.46 in 1:30:55 , average pace 8:42

Light ran this morning, actually alternating between light rain and no rain.  Headed out just after 6:00 with Jenny and a group of her friends.  We ran into a couple more people that we know.  But shortly after that, everyone decided to turn back early because it looked like there was some heavy stuff on the radar.  I was going to turn back, too.  Jenny said "why?  you usually don't mind running in the rain."  I usually don't but there have been a few times when I wished I hadn't but if it stays nice and light.

But, almost always I need to listen to Jenny since she usually has good advice.

So, when we got to where everyone else was splitting off to go home, I kept on going and decided I'd turn back (or seek shelter) if it got really bad.

It never did get bad.

I headed a couple neighborhoods over, where I don't run much anymore.  I saw my friend Raj out running.  He was out doing a quick loop from the Y before lifting weights.  I talked him into joining me.  We talked and caught up on things.  It was a bit of luck to run into him like that.

Kept the pace easy and relaxed.   I had only been planning on about 6 or 7 miles this morning but ended up with a little over 10.  So, take it when you can get it.  It's nice when you run and it feels good, feels so good that you run more than you planned to run just because.

 After the Run
Did the usual morning stuff, post-run exercises, shower, helped Thomas with a little bit of homework which he had "forgotten" about.  Did a quick weight circuit.  Went through three times doing:
  • 20 "perfect" push-ups
  • 5 weighted pull-ups with 25 lb weight
  • 10 clean and press with 2 25 lb dumbbells
Did 7 pull-ups on the last round before it got hard.  The regular pull-ups feel much easier.
Cleaned up a little bit (made bed and started a laundry load) before heading off to work.

Any forward progress yet? Maybe, it will be easier when I can look back on this to see where I've been to know where I'm going.

The 100K is now just 16 weeks out.  The training is similar mileage to what I have done before but is distributed differently.  I also know I have some more work to do on staying on top of the rehab strengthening to make sure I don't fall apart before, during, or after the race.


  1. Yes, I love that when it feels so good to be out running that you end up doing more than you planned. A happy feeling!
    Nice picture of Barbie. I like to remember her best as a puppy, pulling on Gillis' tee-shirt when he was a baby...We are thinking about you guys - hang in there.

  2. Barbie is a great dog and loved by all.She will be missed.
    Can't believe you all are doing the 50 K.

  3. Amy, yes, that's one of my favorite memories of Barbie also, they were such buddies that trip.

    Cindy, she will be deeply missed, it's so quiet here without her now, we don't get the singing dog chorus now when coming back from someplace like we used to.