Friday, October 21, 2011



The end of the work week is finally here!  It's an important day to think about that.  If  you don't then the weeks blend together.  Some people aren't so lucky and the weekends are also for working, and some people are lucky but don't know it and forget to do something special.  It's easy to lose sight and forget what matters, to not take the opportunities when you have them, later wishing that you did.

So, I shaved, put on a button down shirt, attempted to set up eating out tonight (dinner already planned, so maybe next week), and headed into work early so I can be home early.

Try and make it special....

Today's Run

About 7 miles, just slower than a 9:00 pace, ran with Jenny (for first 2 miles) and Kathryn, there was a 40% chance of Jamie also.

I was considering not running today, but decided to take a chance and see what happens.  I thought about not running just to take off a random day.  I'll save those random days off for rainy days, blah days, days when no one else is running.

Listened to this song on Pandora this morning:

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